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Edward Snowden thinks NSA hacker leak was a warning

Yesterday the news hit that an organisation appeared to have hacked the command and control server for an NSA-tied hacking group, purportedly known as Equation Group. Looking at the information and tools released, Edward Snowden thinks this was a warning from a foreign nation. Equation Group is an NSA-linked hacking …

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Battlefield 1 open beta coming this month


While excitement for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has taken a hit this year, things seem to be at an all-time high for Battlefield 1 right now, which will see DICE turn back the clock to an alternate history version of World War I. If you have been waiting to give …

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No Man’s Sky has some serious issues on PC


No Man’s Sky finally hit the PC on Friday evening and immediately just over 200,000 people flocked to play the game for the first time. The servers held up surprisingly well on launch but unfortunately, there were a myriad of other issues present ranging from stutter, awful texture pop-in, low …

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Wang returns in Shadow Warrior 2 this October


Shadow Warrior may have started out as a classic 90’s shooter but back in 2013 the IP was picked back up and transformed into an excellent modern title, starring Lo Wang as he battles evil forces with a deadly combination of swords, guns and demonic powers. Now this October, things are …

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Quantum Break is now heading to Steam


Quantum Break had a bit of a troubled launch as a Windows 10 Store exclusive title. It was one of the earlier games to use the Universal Windows Platform and due to the platform limitations at the time, the game did not make a great first impression. However, Remedy Entertainment …

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The Gwent beta has been pushed back a bit


Back at E3 this year, CD Projekt Red took to the stage to officially announce a standalone version of Gwent, the much loved card game that debuted in The Witcher 3 last year. Originally, people were going to get their first chance to play in September but it looks like …

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Taiwan introduces fines for Pokémon Go drivers


Doing anything other than looking at the road while driving is never a good idea, even if you have a Tesla with autopilot. Playing a game while driving is one of the dumbest ideas though, which is why Taiwan has begun fining people who are discovered playing hot new augmented …

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XBOOK One S laptop now available for custom orders


If you like the look of the new Xbox One S but don’t think it’s portable enough, there’s one man who can solve that: Ed Zarick. Mere days after the official release of the console, he’s managed to fit one into his own custom built laptop chassis, creating the world’s …

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Dota 2 forum hacked, around 2 million users affected


It looks like the official Dota 2 forum has been targeted by hackers as the site was apparently breached last month, with nearly two million user records accessed, which include email addresses, passwords, IP addresses and usernames. News of the leak first appeared on Leaked Source, a site that gives …

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Chrome to kill Flash by end of year


Following years of security leaks, the world and its dog have decided it’s time we ditched Adobe’s Flash web standard for good, but we can’t just take it out back and shoot it, it needs to be a slow, painful goodbye. That’s been happening for a while now, but Chrome …

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There may be two more ‘seasons’ of Hitman


IO Interactive are trying something different with Hitman this time around. The game is ‘out’ but it is getting episodic content updates throughout the rest of the year and by the sounds of things, the new model is going quite well, as there could be two more seasons worth of …

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