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Microvue 8.0MP Digital Microscope review

We’ve never reviewed a microscope at KitGuru, so this was certainly a departure from our normal testing. We decided to try and give a good representation of what this gadget can do in different scenarios that regular people may find useful.

If you read the full review, you will see the Microvue is capable of taking decent images even when it’s set to near 200x magnification. Unfortunately though, we found the LED’s to be a little intrusive while trying to look at specific things, largely due to the sometimes overwhelming intensity.

Throughout our tests we left the LED brightness set to level one but there are a further nine brightness levels above that. Turning off the lights altogether didn’t provide better results as the sensor doesn’t take in surrounding light very well.

We feel that the Microvue would benefit greatly from less intense lights, or lights capable of dropping below the default level.

The software is very basic and doesn’t offer any advanced features so this may not work well for some professionals but it could be useful in a classroom environment. The tools were easy enough to use and the set up process was a breeze.

Ease of use is really where the Microvue shines and we feel a younger audience might have a lot of fun with it.

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  • Ease of use
  • 200x magnification
  • Can take high quality images
  • Decent frame rate
  • Would be useful in a classroom


  • LED’s are very intense
  • Sensor doesn’t take in light very well
  • Camera becomes very shaky past 80x magnification
  • No OSX Support

KitGuru Says: A decent tool that we feel would work best in a teaching/classroom environment.

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Rating: 7.5.

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