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The US is investigating Google for anti-competitive behaviour

Google is going to be fighting anti-trust legal battles on both sides of the Atlantic, as the FTC and US Justice Department have launched an official investigation in to Google’s business practises with Android, similar to the one European Commission conducted over the last year.

US regulators have apparently decided to launch the inquiry following complaints from rival tech companies, claiming that Google limits the exposure of third-party apps in favour of its own. Similar complaints have been voiced in the EU, which has led to Google having to present a defence to the European Commission.


The investigation is currently in the early stages, according to Bloomberg’s report. So it could be a while before we hear a conclusion. Right now in the US, Google’s Android operating system accounts for 59 per cent of smartphones and tablets.

Most of these Android devices come bundled with Google’s own services. Back when Windows 7 launched, Microsoft faced some trouble in the EU due to bundling Internet Explorer with the OS without providing competing options. There may be similarities between the scrutiny Microsoft faced back then and what Google is going through now.

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KitGuru Says: It looks like Google may end up fighting an anti-trust battle both in the US and in the EU at this rate, though it may be a while before we hear the conclusion to the investigation in the US. The EU has also yet to give its verdict on its own anti-trust case against Google, though it has quite a while to examine the evidence and defence Google presented.

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