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Getty Images accuses Google of promoting photo piracy

Getty Images, a well-known US-based photography agency has accused Google of promoting photo piracy and undermining its business. This will lead to yet another formal antitrust complaint being filed against the company with the European Commission, which already has two antitrust cases out against Google at the moment regarding Android …

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The EU Commission hits Qualcomm with antitrust charges

Earlier this year, we heard that the European Commission had begun investigating Qualcomm after receiving some anti-trust complaints. Now, it seems that investigation has wrapped up and the smartphone chip maker giant is facing antitrust charges. Right now, the EU Commission is also trying to pin similar charges on Google …

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The US is investigating Google for anti-competitive behaviour

Google is going to be fighting anti-trust legal battles on both sides of the Atlantic, as the FTC and US Justice Department have launched an official investigation in to Google's business practises with Android, similar to the one European Commission conducted over the last year. US regulators have apparently decided …

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Google officially responds to EU anti-trust allegations

Earlier this year, after months of investigation, the European Commission formally accused Google of anti-trust practises, forcing the company to respond and give evidence that its business tactics aren't secretly squeezing out the competition. As you would expect, Google is arguing that the EU's allegations are “incorrect”. The European Commission's …

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The EU Commission has now set its sights on Amazon

The European Commission has gone ahead with yet another anti-trust investigation. This time, its sights are set on Amazon due to its e-book deals and contracts with book publishers. The investigation was formally launched this week with the aim of ensuring that Amazon's publisher contracts don't “make it more difficult …

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The EU Commission aiming to get rid of geo-blocks

The European Commission has announced plans to create a single digital market that will stretch across Europe, removing geo-blocks for shows across the continent. Copyright laws will also be updated to fit in better with the digital age. The EU Commission has detailed 16 policies that will help it achieve …

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eBay CEO defends Google in EU anti-trust case

You have probably heard by now that the European Commission really has it out for Google and recently escalated its case against the company, which could result in a massive fine. However, it looks like at least eBay has Google's back, as CEO, John Donahoe has debunked the EU's monopoly …

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Google responds to anti-trust accusations from EU

Google has officially responded to the European Commission's accusations that the company is hurting online competition and engaging in anti-trust business practices by promoting its own products or services. Just yesterday, the EU Commission escalated its long running anti-trust case against Google, so the company now has to either prove …

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The EU is already probing Apple’s unannounced music streaming service

The European Commission is already taking a good hard look Apple’s long rumored but as of yet, unannounced, music streaming service on anti-trust grounds. Regulators are concerned that Apple could use its sheer size, influence, and relationships to push record labels to abandon rivaled streaming services, like Spotify. The Financial …

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US concerned over EU proposal to break up Google

Last week it was revealed that the European Parliament had drafted a motion that would call for the separation of Google's search engine from its other services, as a way of challenging the company's dominance. This motion has the support of Europe's two main political parties as a way of …

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EU wants to force telecoms firms to work together


If we've learned one thing from the way that our British telecoms companies handled the auction for the 4G spectrum, is that give and take isn't a phrase they're particularly fond of. The EU Commission is just as familiar with this practice and it's keen to put a stop to …

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EU commission confirms piracy doesn’t harm music sales


Echoing something most file sharers have claimed for a long time and several studies have brought to light, new research from the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, has provided further evidence that there is in-fact a positive correlation between those that download music illegally and those that purchase music from a licensed …

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Google submits anti-trust settlement proposal to EU Commission

Google Anti

Google has been under the investigative eye of the European Commission for the past couple of years, where it has been threatened with anti-trust action, after claims that Google was using its search engine dominance to push its other products on consumers. Now though, Google has submitted a proposal that …

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EU Commission investigating net neutrality

Digital Agenda

The European Commission has announced it is undergoing a public consultation that aims to look into the “aspects of transparency, traffic management,” with a view to keeping the internet free, and open. Net neutrality is a big issue for campaigners of internet freedom, since it prevents ISPs and other organisations …

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