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Streacom DB4 Mini ITX Fanless Case Review

As this is primarily a case review, it is very important to fully assess how capable the DB4 is at cooling the installed components.

To find an ‘idle’ temperature, I left Windows on the desktop for 30 minutes. The ‘load’ temperature reading comes from running AIDA64.


As you can see, the CPU idles at a decent temperature of 36 degrees. However, when I put it under the synthetic load of AIDA64’s stress test, we did see thermal throttling after 15 minutes with the CPU at a constant 100% load.


As you can see in the above screenshot, after 15 minutes of AIDA64 running, all CPU cores had hit 100 degrees. This caused thermal throttling, with the CPU’s frequency dropping as low as 2.9GHz – which you can also see in the above screenshot thanks to CPU-Z.

Of course, in most situations it is unlikely that you will be running your CPU at 100% load constantly for a prolonged period of time. For an office PC, for example, the DB4 would prove more than capable. However, if you are likely to be stressing your CPU – by video editing or rendering, for example – then the DB4 could well cause the CPU to throttle.

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