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Cooler Master MasterFan Pro RGB Review

The best way to give you an idea of how the RGB fans, controller and software works is to show you, so I made a short video detailing the different effects and options which you can watch below.

Watch via our VIMEO Channel below or over on Youtube at 1080p HERE

Overall, I do think the fans themselves look great. The LEDs are strong and clear, and I think you do get a more vibrant look with the LEDs placed centrally, rather than in the corners. In my experience, LED fans that use the latter method can often lose that extra ‘pop' as the LED lighting gets dispersed and loses its overall brightness. Here, though, the lighting is excellent.

The software is also quite comprehensive, give you a total of 7 different effects (or 8 if you include ‘off'). I also love the real-time preview that you get when choose a new effect or colour – the fans respond immediately to show you what the effect/colour looks like, so you don't lose your current setting if you want to experiment with new effects or options.

In the video I mention that the ‘mirage' effect doesn't seem to be working properly, and Cooler Master have said that they are waiting for updates to this effect to make it more user-friendly, but in the meantime I haven't been using it with any success.

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