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Corsair H115i Pro RGB (280mm AIO) Liquid Cooler Review

The Corsair H115i Pro ships in essentially the same box as the H150i Pro – it is bright and colourful, with a large product photo on the front.

Inside, the manual does everything it needs to do with clear instructions and easy to understand diagrams, so no complaints there.

The installation hardware comes in one big bag, with smaller bags inside it. The bags aren’t labelled, though.

Coming to the two included fans, these are new stock fans for Corsair’s Hydro coolers as they are actually from the company’s ML series. The H115i Pro obviously comes with larger, 140mm fans as the cooler uses a 280mm radiator. Interestingly, the H115i Pro fans actually spin slower (1200rpm) than the fans that come included with the H150i Pro (1600rpm).

Now, the radiator itself is pretty standard for a 280mm AIO – it measures 315mm x 143mm x 29mm, while the braided tubing is approximately 14 inches (or 35cm) long.

The pump also uses the same new design as the H150i Pro, so it has a lovely two-tone look and the RGB logo right in the middle.

Lastly, the pump has three cables coming off it: 1x SATA power cable, 1x 3-pin pump header and then 1x fan header cable, which supports up to two 4-pin fans.

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