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Corsair H150i Pro RGB (360mm AIO) Liquid Cooler Review


The Corsair H150i Pro ships in a black box with some bright, colourful accents on the front which obviously ties in with the RGB nature of the cooler.

Inside, the manual is the first thing we come across – it is clearly laid out and has clear instructions for each different CPU socket, so good job there.

All of the necessary installation hardware comes in one big bag, but inside that there are smaller bags for different socket types. The bags are not labelled, however.

The three included fans are from Corsair’s successful ML series, and each has a maximum speed of 1600 RPM. They have kept the classic black and grey colour scheme of previous Corsair radiator fans.

The actual liquid cooler itself is obviously of the 360mm variety, and it measures 396mm x 120mm x 27mm. The tubing is very flexible despite being braided, and each tube measures approximately 14 inches (35cm).

Corsair has also made some aesthetic modifications to the pump/waterblock: the central section is glossy plastic, surrounded by a white ring made of aluminium. The Corsair logo is obviously illuminated by RGB LEDs, something we look at later in the review.

Lastly, the pump has three cables coming off it: 1x SATA power cable, 1x 3-pin pump header and then 1x fan header cable, which supports up to three 4-pin fans.

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