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MSI Core Frozr XL RGB Air Cooler Review

On the whole, the MSI Core Frozr XL is a capable air cooler that does a lot right.

For one, it is very easy to install and you will be up and running in minutes. I also like the ability to re-position the fans to allow for greater memory support, as you can actually use modules up to 55mm tall and still have fans either side of the heatsink.

I do think the cooler aesthetics could split opinion, though, as MSI has opted for a classic black and red ‘gamer’ colour scheme. I personally think it looks good, but this cooler isn’t particularly subtle.

On that note, though, I do have to question the inclusion of the RGB lighting – to my mind, having the black and red colour scheme defeats the point of RGB lighting, as there is already a preset colour scheme you can’t control. In that sense, I can’t help but feel the RGB lighting is a bit redundant. A more neutral design would’ve helped the RGB lighting feel a bit more useful.

In terms of its performance, the Frozr XL is not bad at all. It isn’t the best air cooler we’ve seen – the Cryorig H7 actually beat it out, despite its size deficit – but it is just fine and won’t cause you any thermal issues. Its fans are also nice and quiet, something we always appreciate.

So, overall, the MSI Core Frozr XL is definitely a good product. It doesn’t blow us away, but it does the job and will likely appeal strongly to those with other MSI products, or if you simply have a black and red colour scheme and are looking for a complimentary cooler.

We are still waiting for the Frozr XL to launch in the UK but we have been told to expect pricing to be around the £80 mark.

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  • Excellent presentation.
  • Fans can be moved to allow memory modules up to 55mm tall.
  • Decent performance.
  • Nice and quiet.
  • Subjectively good-looking.


  • The ‘gamer-y’ styling may not appeal to everyone.
  • RGB lighting feels a bit redundant given the black and red colour scheme.
  • Not the best performing air cooler we’ve ever seen.

KitGuru says: It may not be a hands-down killer air cooler, but the MSI Frozr XL is easy to install, performs well and is pretty quiet, too.

Rating: 8.0.

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