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Deepcool Gamer Storm FRYZEN CPU Cooler Review

For Blender, it’s as we’d expect basically sitting in between both prime and Cinebench in terms of temps. At 4.0GHz the 1950X hit 64 degrees, so a little below our prime testing, and about 4 degrees hotter than Cinebench.

At stock, temps were actually a tiny bit lower than both Cinebench and Prime, but a much better representation of temps when rendering say.

Audible noise was a little louder, however, which for a single 120mm fan cooler is to be expected. The included fan running at full speed, 1800 RPM, was a little louder than say the Dark Rock Pro TR4 which tops out at 1500RPM but the 51.7 dBa wasn’t exactly unbearable.

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