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Deepcool Gamer Storm FRYZEN CPU Cooler Review

The Deepcool Gamerstorm Fryzen is a bit of an interesting cooler. For starters, it’s really well built and feels solid and premium. Even down to the fans construction which favours aluminium over a standard plastic frame. It’s also nice to see a bit more varied compatibility with mounting options for older AMD sockets as well as a number of TR4 compatible air coolers are only compatible with the TR4 socket.

Aesthetically its quite unique, and the Lighting looks great without looking tacky or over the top. Really the only area the Fryzen cooler falls a little short is in performance when compared to much bigger heavier dual fan coolers. In this area, you are sacrificing a little audible noise as well.

Whether the Deepcool Gamerstorm Fryzen cooler is right for you really depends on your preferences. If you love RGB and want your system to light up dramatically when powered on then this cooler should be on your shortlist. If you want to overclock and push things to the limit however, then you will be better looking at larger heatsinks.

The Deepcool Gamerstorm Fryzen cooler is currently available from Scan UK for £71.99 HERE


  • Very heavily built, with aluminium fan casing and bracket.
  • Great lighting with smooth colour transitions.
  • Nice to see mounting for other AMD sockets, not just TR4.
  • Great compatibility for memory modules thanks to a narrower design.


  • A bit dear for a single 120mm fan air cooler.
  • Quite loud at 51.7 dBa under full load

KitGuru says: If you’d prefer a TR4 socket compatible cooler with a bit more of a wow factor, the Deepcool Gamerstorm Fryzen cooler is definitely worth a look. It’s not the outright best cooler when compared to dual fan alternatives, but the inbuilt lighting with options for expansion does make up for it.

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Rating: 7.5.

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