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GDDR6 memory almost in mass production, slated to appear in most upcoming Nvidia cards

Earlier this year, it was revealed that SK Hynix was in the process of fine-tuning its 8-gigabit GDDR6 memory, making it available for Nvidia and AMD to sample. Now, an inside source has revealed that the company is gearing up for mass production within the next three months, meaning the next generation of GPUs is sure to follow shortly after.

SK Hynix revealed the information to GamersNexus during Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this year, also claiming that most, if not all of the green team’s graphics cards will house GDDR6 memory.

Originally, SK Hynix revealed that its new GDDR6 memory would be included in high-end graphics cards set to release early this year, but plans seem to have since changed. The informant remained tight lipped on any details surrounding when the cards will finally land into the hands of consumers, but it does suggest that more details surrounding the GPUs are likely to arise in the coming months.

Of course, SK Hynix isn’t the only one in the running to produce the new memory, with Micron and Samsung notably gunning for a piece of the pie. Samsung was previously noted to provide the fastest offering of the three, offering double the gigabit density at 16Gb instead of SK Hynix’ previously reported 8Gb. SK Hynix has revealed that it will also be shipping a 16Gb density variant.

Although the 8Gb version seems outdated considering that was prominently featured as the upper-end GDDR5, it could offer a nice balance on price to performance ratio, as GDDR6 memory is reportedly 10-15 percent more expensive to produce than that of its predecessor.

Historically, Nvidia is known for dropping its new line of graphics cards near the end of summer, making it all the more believable that we could see the tentatively titled GeForce 11 (or 20) series appear just after July. This is all speculation for the time being, with companies expected to unveil new products over the next couple of months. For now, it’s back to the waiting game.

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KitGuru Says: Unfortunately, despite the staggering cost of GPUs currently on the market, if the new GDDR6-powered cards do cost more to produce, that will fall on the prices that customers have to pay. Of course, like you, I’m hoping that the new cards help stablise the market a little, however I am sceptical. Are you in the market for a new GPU?

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