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Palit RTX 2080 GameRock Premium 8GB Review

Here, we take a further look at the impact of our overclock, looking at the increased temperatures, acoustics, power draw, and lastly, the effect had on the average clock speed.



Power consumption

Average clock speed under load


Starting off with power levels, noise and temperatures – these all rise, but by hardly anything. The GameRock Premium deals with the extra speed very well, with noise levels rising just 0.3dB while power consumption rose by barely 2W. A peak temperature of 67C is again a minor change compared to stock.

In terms of clock speed, the Palit averaged a frequency of 1992MHz – 65MHz faster than its stock speed. This is still slower than what our Founders card hit when overclocked, but it is a better result than the Gigabyte RTX 2080 Gaming OC.

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