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Sapphire introduces new Nitro Gear graphics card accessories ahead of Computex

With Computex 2017 now almost upon us, companies are starting to unveil new products and ideas that will be shown off in Taipei. Sapphire, the Hong-Kong based graphics card manufacturer, is launching a new range of graphics card accessories called Nitro Gear. Essentially, these Nitro Gear accessories let you change out your Sapphire graphics card fans, backplate and cooling shroud.

Starting with the fans, anyone with a Sapphire Nitro+ or Pulse RX 570/580, plus owners of the same RX 400-series cards, will be able to buy separate LED fans to install into their card. There are currently 3 colour options: white, red and blue, so it doesn't look like there will be a RGB option. These 95mm fans are easy to swap-in, too, thanks to Sapphire's Quick Connect system.

Perhaps even more interesting are the new backplate and cooling shroud accessories. These come in ‘azure blue' or ‘crimson fire' flavours and would completely transform the look of your card. Unfortunately these only seem to be compatible with Nitro+ RX 570/580 cards, so if you have an older model you're out of luck. We also don't know how tricky installing these accessories would be, but it shouldn't be more than unscrewing a few screws and swapping the parts over.

We are also unsure of a release date for either product, but expect Sapphire to be showing off the Nitro Gear accessories over the next week at Computex. If we're lucky, our team in Taipei might even get hands-on with the new kit.

KitGuru says: While Sapphire has introduced hot-swappable LED fans before, the idea of completely changing your graphics card shroud and backplate seems pretty cool. Are any of you currently rocking a Sapphire graphics card, and would you consider buying these extra parts to revamp your card's appearance?

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