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Updated: GeForce GTX 1070Ti spotted in benchmarks

Update  (18/10/17): We got our first peek at the performance of the upcoming GTX 1070Ti graphics card earlier this week. Now just two days later, even more benchmarks have leaked out. This time around we have some Fire Strike and Time Spy results to join the earlier Ashes of the Singularity benchmark.

Videocardz managed to unearth two GTX 1070Ti results on Fire Strike, the first offered a GPU score of 9,449 and the second had a GPU score of 9,546. For comparison, a GTX 1070 should score around 8,900 points.

On the Time Spy front, there was one GTX 1070Ti result, with a GPU score of 6,777, this places it above the RX Vega 56 in Turbo mode, which scores 6,423 points. However, it falls below the RX Vega 64, which scores 7,046 points in Balanced mode.

There will likely be a few more leaks as we get closer to launch, which supposedly takes place next week.

Original Story (16/10/17): We have been hearing more and more about the alleged upcoming release of the GTX 1070Ti over the last few weeks but now it looks like we have some tangible performance numbers to look at as well. On top of that, we have rumoured specs to go with it.

Current reports are indicating that the GTX 1070Ti will release at the end of October but there will be no reference card version. Instead, board partners like Asus, MSI and Gigabyte will rollout their own custom-cooled variants. There was a report indicating that perhaps all of these cards will ship with the same out of the box clock speeds, so performance without manual overclocking should be consistent across the board.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the benchmark. A GTX 1070Ti result has been spotted on the Ashes of Singularity database. The result is still live at the time of writing. In the benchmark, the 1070Ti managed to score 6,200 points, averaging 65.5 frames per second across all tests at 1440p.

The system also featured an Intel Core i9-7900X, so no CPU bottlenecking would have come into play. If you browse the AoTS database, you will find some GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 results in a similar score region, though you will find some 1080’s scoring higher than 8000 points. With that in mind, it seems that the 1070Ti will compete with stock clocked GTX 1080s and some of the more heavily overclocked 1070s.

As reported by Videocardz, the GTX 1070Ti is supposed to roll out on the 26th of October, which is in just ten days time. As for specifications, rumour has it that the GTX 1070Ti will feature 2432 CUDA cores, 152 TMUs, 64 ROPs and 7.8 TFLOPs of compute power. Base clock speeds should be 1607Mhz with a boost to 1683MHz. This puts it closer to the 1080 in terms of raw performance, which is rated for 8.2 TFLOPs, with 2560 CUDA cores, 160 TMUs and 64 ROPs.

Pricing remains a mystery but given that this is a stop gap card, it will likely fall in the £400-£450 range between the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080.

KitGuru Says: At this point, it seems like the GTX 1070Ti is happening. Given how close we are to launch, we may see a few more leaks over the next week. Are any of you looking to upgrade your GPU soon? Does the 1070Ti interest you at all?

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  • The Duke

    Another stop gap card to milk the market.
    They should just release the volta cards that everyone knows they are sitting on…..
    A price cut across the board would be a good idea……

  • The consistent clocks across the board is a good idea tbh, it places more emphasis on the build quality and the performance of the cooler, rather than how high they overclock their chips out of the box.

    More more milking people with 4 SKUs of the same board and cooler but with varying clockrates by way of a different bios version.

  • Mat Bailie

    Right, because that’s how businesses work. When AMD step up nVidia will respond, just like Intel did in the CPU market. In the mean time, however, nVidia have a Legal Responsibility to maximise the return on investment for their shareholders. If they can lean on Pascal for a little longer, that’s good fiscal policy. nVidia are not a charity, they’re not in it to give you gifts or rub your tummy, they’re a capitalist business. If you don’t like that then be active in politics or NGOs to promote alternative economical models. For now, I’m living in the real world.

  • The Duke

    Great business decision? Such a good decision that nvidia won’t be seeing my money this year?
    The only reason they are doing this is to keep AMD not too far behind.
    That way AMD can scrape by so they won’t get bought out by Apple or Samsung who have the resources to give nvidia real competition.
    Gaming enthusiasts upgrade regularly.
    Milking a product like this for the sake of it is counter intuitive.
    Make the best product you can and kill the competition not ‘just beat’ the competition.
    That’s good business sense!
    I know how it works, I just don’t agree with it! If nothing ever gets said nothing will ever change.
    They’ve already inflated the cards price, like for like, over the last 3 or 4 generations.
    That’s not even mentioning how they give us Titan X’s and ti cards for inflated prices.
    The Titan X should be the 1080, the 1080ti should be the 1070 and the 1080 should be the 1060!
    It would have been this way a few generations ago.
    So we are already paying more money for a card before they inflated their prices.
    They change the model numbers and everyone laps it up!
    Creating hostility from your customers over prices, rebranding cards as boutique cards for a higher cost and then artificially delaying their cards to milk their customers further!?!!? Good business sense? Maybe short term but it sure isn’t sustainable!
    It might be the real world but it doesn’t mean you have to like it!

  • Mat Bailie

    Right, because that’s how businesses work. Your economics professor will be proud.

  • The Duke

    Look what happened to Apple trying to milk the market by drawing out another phone with the same design for a third time in a row.
    Then they realise that the S8 has an all screen design and even a cheap

  • Mat Bailie

    You pretty much just made my point. Take all your examples of what You think are business failures, then look at their stock price. You know, the most valuable company in the world, and look at their profits.


  • The Duke

    Apple’s stock is heading south at the moment due to lacklustre demand for the 8.
    Looks like they got too greedy.
    Nvidia will go the same way.
    With no brand loyalty from milking customers, and no updating their propriety tech, as soon as a higher performing component comes out from the competition all their customers will jump ship.
    That’s why creating brand loyalty with your customers is more sustainable than milking them for every penny.
    Surely you learnt about that in your business lectures?

  • Mat Bailie

    Dude, look at the chart, the stock is not heading south. Measurable facts disagree with your assertions. So far you’ve referenced nothing, supplied no evidence and ignored / contradicted material facts. Good job.

  • The Duke





  • Mat Bailie

    That followed a couple of days of rises. Any article that cites a single day’s trading without the larger context is at best unreliable, but more likely simply disingenuous.

    Look at the last month. There is a slight dip, a constant rise, a sharp up-tick and a sharp down-turn, with the final day being a marginal rise. Sum total for the month? A 0.1% rise in share value.

    There is no visible indication of any downward trend in Apple Stock Price unless you Only look at the last 3 days.


  • The Duke

    Whilst I’m glad you respect nvidias business decisions and stock price my concern is the graphics card in my PC.
    I couldn’t care less about Nvidia stock prices or their wealth/annual turnover.
    You can argue about business practices all you want but chicken feeding their customers is shady and sneaky and heavily stunts technological advancement.
    Why make the best when you can make one ‘that’ll do’ ?
    Not a mantra I live by. Not a mantra anyone should live by, except a corporation that is too greedy.
    People with no passion or love for what they do.
    Complacent fat cats who have lost their edge/self worth.

    Make money sure but don’t cripple what you set out to do in the first place through pure greed!
    I don’t agree with this principle and that’s why I made my original post.
    I said nothing about what a terrible business decision releasing a 1070ti was.
    If you’re so good at reading stock charts maybe you should start reading peoples posts before you answer them! :p

    I think apple have shot themselves in the foot. I really do.
    The iPhone 7 is outselling the iPhone 8 in the states,( they’ve already halved production of the 8 already) and the iPhone X is too expensive for mass adoption.
    If it really is in short demand then that’s another problem for them.

    The bad thing about stock charts is they can’t predict the future.

  • goldenboy77

    why dont they come out with a 1090 this is stupid the 1080 will still beat this just reduce the price of the 1080 a useless product

  • Mat Bailie

    Gotta say, you were right, both nVidia and Apple have been tanking recently. No, wait…