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Nvidia reportedly showing off Pascal at ‘editor’s day’ next week

The rumour mill has been doing quite a bit of over time these last few weeks when it comes to Nvidia’s upcoming Pascal graphics cards. The latest bit of news to hit the web suggests that the new GTX 1000-series graphics cards will be shown off next week at an Nvidia hosted ‘Editor’s Day’, with a public announcement potentially set to follow before the end of May.

According to three separate sources speaking with Videocardz, Nvidia’s Editor’s Day 2016 will take place in the US next week, at which, the Pascal-based GPUs will be shown off to members of the press.


Apparently two Pascal GPUs will be making an appearance, which we would assume will be the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. According to the report, it is unclear if the details of this event will be kept behind closed doors and under NDA for a while, or if it will be live-streamed to the public. If a public unveiling happens, then Nvidia would be bumping up its Pascal announcement by a few weeks, as previous rumours suggested that the new cards would first appear at Computex.

Last year’s Editor’s Day took place a week before the announcement of the GTX 980, so it is possible that by the second or third week of May, we will have the official announcement, and potentially even some reviews for these two new graphics cards.

KitGuru Says: As always, this is based on unofficial information so take it with a healthy dose of scepticism. However, it is certainly an exciting thought that Pascal could be just a few weeks away. Are any of you waiting on the Pascal announcement? Will you be upgrading this year? 

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