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eVGA GTX 460 768MB Superclocked Review

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City is a standalone compilation of the DLC episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV, containing both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony on one disc. It was released alongside the DLC release of The Ballad of Gay Tony on 29 October 2009 for the Xbox 360 and released on 13 April 2010 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. It does not require a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV to play, nor is an Xbox Live or PSN account necessary (except for multiplayer).

The engine is still extremely demanding for this game – even months later for the newest hardware. The latest version changes some of the rendering calls and is used partially within the latest Max Payne engine.

We tested the game on our 1080p TV and set everything to very high with maximum draw distances. Texture quality was set to ‘medium’ – to allow the game memory requirements to fit inside the 768MB available. We know there are some tweaks which can be applied to allow everything to be maxed, but we feel this is an unrealistic option for the majority of the public.

The GTX465 leads the pack by quite a margin. The superclocked eVGA board trails behind the HD5850 however we feel with an extra 256MB of ram that the results would be better. All the cards on test today are playable at this high resolution apart from the HD5830 which struggles to keep the frame rate playable in some of our more intensive test areas.

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