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eVGA GTX 460 768MB Superclocked Review

To test power consumption today we are using a Keithley Integra unit and we measure power consumption from the VGA card inputs, not the system wide drain. The best way to get maximum load results is by using Furmark, and even though it is not indicative of a real world situation it shows the limits the card can theoretically demand. The ‘gaming’ results are measured when playing Crysis Warhead and is a more valuable result to take from this.

We are impressed with the idle power drain of the GTX460 as it hovers around 15 watts. When playing Crysis the eVGA Superclocked card consumes slightly more power at around 127 watts, 6 watts or so more than the reference clocked edition. Furmark shows the possible amounts of power the cards can theoretically consume, even if its not realistic in normal gaming situations. These are incidentally around 40-50 watts less when compared directly to the GTX 465 under the same full load conditions.

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