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eVGA GTX 460 768MB Superclocked Review

To overclock the cards today we are using nVidia’s own system software and testing for stability in Crysis. We will overclock the reference GTX460 and the eVGA GTX460 Superclocked card.

It is apparent there is some significant headroom as the reference card overclocks to a higher level than the preoverclocked eVGA board. Additionally the eVGA Superclocked card has further headroom and we managed to get the core to 845mhz and the memory to 1000mhz (4,000mhz effective). These are staggering figures and we can see that the dual 6 pin power connectors are giving enhanced stability in overclocked situations.

After applying the overclock we manage to wrangle another 5 fps out of Crysis which is very impressive indeed.

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