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MSI GTX980 Ti Gaming 6G

Grid Autosport (styled as GRID Autosport) is a racing video game by Codemasters and is the sequel to 2008′s Race Driver: Grid and 2013′s Grid 2. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 24, 2014. (Wikipedia).
GRIDAutosport_avx 2015-06-25 09-08-31-65GRIDAutosport_avx 2015-06-25 08-49-06-94GRIDAutosport_avx 2015-06-25 08-49-10-39
We test with the image quality on ULTRA and 8 anti aliasing enabled.
grid autosport 4k
If you want to play this game at 4K with maximum image quality settings, then the Titan X and GTX980 Ti cards deliver a constant 60+ frames per second. Additionally AMD’s Fury X (when overclocked to 1130mhz) is able to maintain 60+ frame rates too at all times. For many, this super smooth consistency over 60 frames per second is very important – especially with racing games.

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