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Seagate Xbox One 2TB Game Drive Review

Rating: 9.0.

We are all primarily PC gamers here at KitGuru, but that doesn't mean we shy away from consoles. Today, we are taking a look at Seagate's new 2TB ‘Game Drive', made in partnership with Microsoft exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. While you can freely switch out the hard drive in a PS4, Microsoft has blocked off this option for Xbox One owners, meaning those needing extra space will need an external solution.

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The Xbox One comes with 500GB of storage standard and while 1TB models are starting to surface, that isn't much help to those who bought a console within its first year. Fortunately, this 2TB drive from Seagate should provide you with enough space to store all of your favourite games.

Features and Specifications:

  • 2TB capacity.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360 compatibility.
  • 5400 RPM speed.

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