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ASRock X99 OC Formula Motherboard Review

We will outline the performance increases that can be obtained from using the ASRock X99 OC Formula motherboard to overclock our system. Our overclocked processor frequency was 4.4GHz and memory speed was 2666MHz.

As a performance comparison, we have included the overclocked results from two other X99 motherboards. The maximum overclocked configuration achieved with each board was a 4.4GHz processor frequency and 2666MHz memory speed.

oc 3dmark

oc cine

oc bioshock

ASRock's board takes first place finishes in all of the overclocked tests. The marginal performance leads for the X99 OC Formula in Cinebench and Bioshock Infinite are relatively small. But it's the performance lead in Futuremark's 3DMark benchmark that makes us a little suspicious.

ASRock's board could be subtly applying tighter tertiary timings for our memory kit, leading to a performance boost. On the other hand, the ASRock motherboard could be out-performing the other parts by its own accord – perhaps the effective power delivery system is allowing the board's components to all operate at full speed without any performance ‘micro-stutters'.

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  1. Hey Luke, what attracts me to this board are the 2 x M.2 slots. Unfortunately you cannot run them in hardware Raid 0, but I believe you can software raid them in Windows. The other thing is do you know if the 5 year warranty is available worldwide? Or just the US/Europe?