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MSI MEG X570 ACE Motherboard Review

The MSI MEG X570 ACE motherboard is a strong high-end AM4 offering that competes in a tough marketplace. MSI puts forward a strong power delivery solution, smart cooling design, and a unique styling that allows the X570 ACE to shine.

MSI’s deployment of a 14-phase International Rectifiers power delivery solution proves a smart decision as our testing showed the components capable of delivering 190W to an overclocked Ryzen 9 3900X. In fact, the recorded MOSFET temperatures after this extended stress test were reasonable, so we’d have no hesitancy about pairing a higher core count CPU with this motherboard. MSI has overbuilt very well.

One of my favourite unique features is the Mystic Light Infinity display that sits above the rear IO ports and looks absolutely superb. This highly reflective panel and its bank of LEDs create an eye-catching appearance that is far superior to competing solutions at this price point. Kudos to MSI for that one.

There were, however, a few areas where I think MSI’s decisions have not been the best. The inclusion of only four SATA ports is a needless move that will cause inconvenience to some users. I was also disappointed to see no onboard voltage monitoring points on a motherboard that will target overclocking enthusiasts. Equally disappointing was the lack of any BIOS redundancy as there is no secondary chip installed.

Performance-wise, MSI has further work to do with the current BIOS revision. We did not see boost clocks above 4500MHz during our testing and this showed when comparing productivity performance against Gigabyte’s X570 Aorus Master. In terms of overclocking, however, the MSI board delivered good results, even if the power delivery to our CPU was higher than we had anticipated.

The smart solution that MSI deploys for motherboard cooling shows innovation. Chipset fans are an almost-ubiquitous inclusion on X570 motherboards, so MSI’s design move to make the fan do more than simply cool the chipset is efficient and welcomed. The fan itself is also a particularly quiet model, thanks to its sizeable blades for a 45mm unit, and MSI’s excellent speed control aids that point further.

At around £350 in the UK, MSI has plenty of competition in the high-end segment of X570’s market. While there are features omitted by MSI that should ideally be included on a motherboard of this calibre, there are also alternative features that will likely appeal to many individuals’ preferences.


The MSI MEG X570 ACE is priced at £359.99 at Overclockers UK.

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  • Good gaming performance.
  • Excellent VRM design.
  • Smart chipset and VRM cooling solution.
  • Handled high-power Ryzen 9 3900X overclock well.
  • Mystic Light Infinity RGB panel is excellent.
  • Good fan speed control, especially for the chipset fan.
  • Unique aesthetic design deserves credit.


  • Some useful features omitted – secondary BIOS and voltage monitoring points.
  • Only four SATA ports.
  • Some onboard header positioning is a little awkward.

KitGuru says: Strong power delivery, smart cooling, and an excellent RGB LED panel, the MSI MEG X570 ACE ticks many enthusiast boxes.

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Rating: 8.0.

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