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Asus Rampage III Extreme Motherboard review

RC Bluetooth

It would be remiss of me not to mention the new ROG connect feature which is basically a very impressive Bluetooth mode for smartphones. Android 2.0 and 2.1 models are support as well as Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 units. Apple are not supported however we had luck with a few Nokia Symbian handsets in our offices – so support is already very strong indeed. Before you Apple lovers start emailing Asus to bitch – when we asked said they are creating an iPhone application but there is no ETA yet for it hitting the iTunes store – nice to know they aren't ignoring the Apple userbase however.

Despite the fact that the software was designed by a colour-blind engineer, it is stable and does the job. Interestingly, Asus has included the ability to overclock the Rampage III remotely. KitGuru is unsure how practical this is, but someone is bound to find it useful (App store anyone?).

ROG Connect

Asus has also included software called ROG Connect which allows you to overclock from a different PC or from your laptop. The benefits are that if the overclocked PC crashes then you have the settings still stored in another PC for rapid adjustment. This mode is configured by a special bi-male USB connector cable (which is included and is a 5v power line cut config). Asus say that in the future it will be possible to use this connection to flash the motherboard BIOS, which might be handy indeed if it failed completely.

To use this software you simply install onto a laptop or another desktop PC and plug it into the Rampage via the included USB-USB connector. Press the ROG connect button on the back of the board and you are ready to rock. ROG Connect also offers overclocking options, not quite as indepth as the BIOS mind you but more than adequate for testing adjustments. PCIe frequency, Base Clock, IMC Voltage, CPU Voltage, DRAM Voltage and CPU PLL are all covered.

RC Diagram is a useful mode which allows the end user to monitor temperatures, fan speeds and voltages in real time. You can switch BIOSES with this software, power the system on, and even reset or clear the CMOS – when we pushed the board too hard during testing we were also able to monitor the POST routine which is genuinely a useful feature. They even offer a code or ‘string' mode which breaks it down in easier to understand terminology.

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