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Corsair RM850x (2018) PSU Review


At the face of the box is an angled photo of the power supply, with the side sticker and the modular panel in view. The model number is given in large fonts while above it two badges depict the ten-year warranty and the 80 PLUS Gold certification.

On the top side of the box you will find a list of the available cables and connectors, while a small sticker at the bottom side will help you spot the new RMx model. Just pay attention to the “2018” year right next to the model number.

Around the back Corsair provides the unit’s dimensions, its most important features and two charts showing the efficiency and fan’s noise curves.


The unit is protected well into the box and it is also stored into a cloth bag, featuring Corsair’s logo. It is nice to see products with adequate in-box protection since this minimize the DOA (Dead on Arrival) situations due to extreme shipping conditions, for example when the delivery person decides to play “go fetch” with the package etc.

The bundle includes the user’s manual, which is common across all RMx models, a warranty leaflet, a number of zip-ties, some fixing bolts, a case badge, a pouch for storing the cables and if you are a reviewer you will also get a Corsair flash drive containing a Chroma report for the specific sample.


A sticker covers the AC receptacle and the power switch, informing that this unit has a semi-passive fan mode so it is normal for the fan not to spin under light loads. This way you get to deal effectively with users that don’t know about semi-passive PSUs.

On the sides the large stickers show the model number. The power specifications label is at the bottom side, including the serial number and a High Potential (Hi-Pot) OK sticker.

The modular panel includes twelve sockets in total, five for the peripheral cables, an equal number for the EPS and PCIe cables and a pair for the main ATX cable.

Corsair uses the same external design for quite some time now. We believe that the time has come for a change in this section, since it starts to look old and boring now.

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