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AeroCool Integrator 600 Watt PSU Review

Aerocool are using a 120mm fan by Dong Guan Zhan YU Industrial Co Limited (model number ZY-1202512SH). There is very little information online about this fan, but we will analyse noise levels later in the review.
Soldering quality of the main PCB is decent and there are several rows of heatsinks across the PCB to support cooling efficiency.

The primary 330uF 400V capacitor is 85c rated and branded Asia’X. We haven’t seen an Asia’X capacitor in a very long time. They are manufactured by parent company Fuhijju Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd. This company have close relations with TEAPO and their manufacturing is handled in China. They are not considered to be a quality brand.

Secondary capacitors are all sourced from lesser brands in China and are a mixture of 85c and 105c rated.
The hardwired cables are sleeved into the chassis and a plastic cover protects them from fraying against the metal chassis.

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