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AeroCool Integrator 600 Watt PSU Review

The AeroCool Integrator 600 Watt power supply is certainly not going to break any performance records, but considering the extremely modest £30 asking price, it will comfortably serve the audience who are forced to count every penny.

First impressions are what we would expect from a budget power supply. The box is barebones, with only a single piece of thin foam protecting the power supply from damage in transit, not ideal. Our review sample didn’t have all the goodies inside, but Aerocool have assured us that the customer will get a power cable/safety notice and mounting screws.

Technically the unit is unremarkable. Load regulation is decent and it didn’t shut down during our Cross load tests. When we pushed it beyond its 600 watt rating the protection circuitry kicked in, which is very reassuring – especially when dealing with a budget power supply equipped with lower cost components. Positively, it could deliver a 600 watt load for a long time, so the company are not mislabeling the unit.

Ripple suppression is not wonderful, however all rails fell within the industry rated specifications. There is no doubt that +12V suppression could be a little better … hitting 85mV at full load – however our real world system tests are positive.

Analysing technical data on a review page will highlight any noticeable shortcomings however we built a gaming system using a 4670k processor with an overclocked R9 290 graphics card and stressed the Integrator 600 for 96 consecutive hours with Furmark and Prime. The system was rock stable.

Now we aren’t recommending you rush out and budget only £30 on a power supply as the foundation for new high end gaming system, but our results are an indication that the Integrator 600 will be capable in the mid to low end enthusiast gaming sector.

Right now you can pick up the Aerocool Integrator 600 watt power supply for £31.58 inc vat from CCLOnline. If you are building a new budget gaming system and have a very limited budget this power supply should do the job for a couple of years.

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  • extremely competitive price point.
  • looks quite nice.
  • two 8 pin PCIe power connectors.
  • coped with an R9 290 graphics card.
  • low noise fan until last 20% of load.
  • protection circuitry works.


  • low cost Chinese sourced components used in the build.
  • not modular.
  • ripple suppression could be better.

Kitguru says: Strictly for the budget market, but our tests highlight decent performance and good protection circuitry.

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Rating: 7.5.

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