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Enermax DigiFanless 550W Review

The top of the power supply has no fan installed, so its basically a simple grill, sprayed and attached to the metal chassis.
The filtering stage has two Y capacitors and a single X capacitor. The filtering stage continues to the main PCB with one Y capacitor and four polyfilm capacitors with two ferrite coils, an MOV and a CM choke. Four mosfets from Toshiba are attached to large passively cooled heatsinks.

On the secondary side, the 3.3V and 5V are generated from the 12V by DC-DC conversion. Voltage modulation is handled by two additional PCB, which are placed on either side of the supply.
Always good to see a manufacturer not skimping and using high grade Japanese capacitors. The primary capacitor is 105c,  400V 470uF rated, and by Nippon Chemi Con, from their KMQ family.

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