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SuperFlower Leadex Platinum ‘8 Pack Edition’ 2000W Review

Super Flower artwork is rather bland, yet also very distinctive. I was expecting to see a picture of 8 Pack biting the heads off some bats – Ozzy Osbourne style, but instead we get a pretty little butterfly. Maybe we can fry it with 2000 watts later and garnish in a salad.
The rear of the box is populated with technical data including the mention of 105c Japanese grade Nippon Chemi Con capacitors. Loverly.
Sadly I am not as strong as 8 Pack, so lifting the box onto the table hurt my back a little bit. I blame old age. The power supply is protected on one side between thick blocks of foam. The modular cables and accessories are stored at the side.
The power supply itself is protected inside a soft felt bag, and then packaged inside two thick pieces of foam. Unless the courier decides to play football with the box in the warehouse, we can’t see any way this could be damaged in transit.

Super Flower supply a little multi language user manual, heavy duty power cable (to handle the insane power delivery), mounting screws and a storage pouch for any left over cables.
Would you like a cable with that sir? The image above right shows all the PCIe power cables for powering some seriously hardcore multi GPU configurations. The main power cables are all sleeved. Peripheral power cables are the thinner ‘ribbon’ style to help with routing. These are quality 18 AWG grade.

Cables Description Cable Length
One Cable 20+4pins motherboard power connector 600mm
Two Cables 8 pins (4+4 pins) EPS/ATX 12V connector 700mm
Four Cables 8 pins (6+2 pins) PCI Express connector 700mm
Five Cables 6pins + 8 (6+2 pins) PCI Express connectors 600mm
Four Cables 4x SATA peripheral connector 600mm
One Cable 3×4 pins Molex peripheral connector 550mm+100mm
One Cable 2x SATA + 2 x 4 pins Molex peripheral connector 550mm+100mm
Two Cables 4 Pin Peripheral to 4 pin Floppy Adapter 100mm

Plenty of cables for the most demanding SLI and Crossfire systems and we like to see the EPS/ATX 12V connectors measuring 700mm – to accommodate the tallest chassis on the market today.

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