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Corsair Force MP500 480GB SSD Review


The MP500 comes in an attractive slim box with an image of the drive on the front along with a panel that gives the drive’s capacity along with figures for Sequential and 4K random read/write performance. Most of the rear of the box is taken up by multilingual marketing text.

corsair-mp500-m2-ssd-review-on-kitguru-top corsair-mp500-m2-ssd-review-on-kitguru-reverse

The front of the drive has a thicker than usual label, but the extra thickness is explained by the thin layer of copper that has been introduced into the label’s design (in a similar fashion to Samsung’s SSD960 drives) to help dissipate the build-up of heat from the controller and NAND.

Under the label sit two Toshiba 15mn MLC NAND packages (coded TH58TFT0DFLBA8H), the Phison PS5007-E7 controller and 1GB of DDR3 cache. The rear of the drive is home to two more NAND packages. The PS5007-E7 is Phison’s first NVME controller with a Gen3.0 x4 PCIe interface. An 8-channel controller, the 28nm PS5007-E7 supports 1Z nm MLC, TLC and 3D NAND, features SmartECC and SmartFlush technologies and supports AES-256 encryption.

manager-op manager-smart manager-clone manager-op manager-secure-wipe

Corsair’s SSD management utility is called SSD Toolbox.  At the time of writing, we used the latest version of  Toobox but it’s in desperate need of a refresh as it hardly provided any details for the drive. It couldn’t provide the drive S.M.A.R.T details, doesn’t allow for changes to the Trim commands or over provisioning, or even securely erase the drive.

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    What the hell is corsair thinking? They better lower that price if they plan on competing at all with the Samsung 960…perhaps Corsair is banking on the blind obedience of fanboys?

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