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Kingston A1000 480GB NVMe SSD Review

To test real life performance of a drive we use a mix of folder/file types, and by using the FastCopy utility (which gives a time as well as MB/s result) we record the performance of drive reading from & writing to a 256GB Samsung SSD850 PRO.

The files we include are as follows:

  • 100GB data file.
  • 60GB ISO image.
  • 60GB Steam folder – 29,521 files.
  • 50GB file folder – 28,523 files.
  • 12GB movie folder – 24 files (mix of Blu-ray and 4K files).
  • 10GB photo folder – 621 files (mix of .png, raw and .jpeg images).
  • 10GB audio folder – 1,483 files (mix of mp3 and .flac files).
  • 5GB (1.5bn pixel) photo.

The only occasion where the drive struggled in our real life tests was when it was dealing with the small bity files contained in the 50GB file, 60GB Steam and 10GB audio folders. General performance other than that was impressive.

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