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SanDisk X400 256GB SSD Review

The new Sandisk X400 combines both of its predecessors into one drive as it combines the solid performance of the X300 with the data encryption of the X300s. The Marvell 88SS1074-BSW2 controller in the X400 is more power efficient meaning lower power consumption than the previous two drive ranges through all aspects of the drives use from DEVSLP to maximum writes.

The 256GB drive has reasonable endurance, a quoted 80TBW or 43GB/day for the length of the 5 year warranty.


The toughest job for any company launching a mainstream drive in the 2.5in 240/256GB capacity bracket is to get the pricing right as this market segment is already a blood bath with so many drives vying for attention.

You can find the SanDisk X400 256GB for £62.70 via Scan UK which means it falls in the middle of the price range of drives of this capacity however there is a lot of competition.

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  • 256-bit encryption built in.
  • 7mm format for thin laptop use.
  • Five year warranty.


  • SSD market sectors the drive is aimed at are extremely competitive with an overabundance of drives to compete with.

KitGuru Says: The X400 shows an improvement over the older X300 series, perhaps not so much in performance but in features such as built in encryption and a more power efficient controller.


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Rating: 8.0.

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