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PC Specialist Magma LX System – Ryzen 7 1700, GTX 1070Ti

We tested out the Power consumption on the Magma LX to ensure that the Power supply chosen to power the build provides sufficient power while not being too overkill. The Magma XL is kitted out with a good quality power supply from Corsair. The 650W TXm semi-modular Power supply is 80 Plus Gold rated and scored highly in our review which can be found HERE.

Our tests showed that the PC when idle was drawing about 85 watts. This is expected. The maximum wattage used by the PC was 296W. This was recorded when the PC was gaming or under load to complete our tests. Although it may sound like a 650W power supply is a bit overkill it is actually a good choice for this Gaming PC as power supply’s are most efficient between 40%-60% load.

If a Power supply with less Wattage had been used it would have to work harder when the PC is under load and would therefore get hotter and the fans would be noisier. The extra wattage also means there is room for any potential upgrades in the future.

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