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Jide Technology Remix Mini (£50 Android PC) Review

In order to complete our testing of the Remix Mini, I measured the power draw in Watts as you can see below.


To measure the idle power consumption, I left the Mini on the desktop for 30 minutes and then took the reading of 2.3 Watts. The power consumption under load was measured by running Geekbench 3 and Ice Storm Unlimited simultaneously, with Google Chrome open in the background.

Clearly, power consumption is minimal. In fact, it is so small it is hardly worth thinking about – it might as well be drawing no power at all. This is mightily impressive yet also perhaps to be expected – the Remix Mini, after all, is just budget mobile hardware repackaged.

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  1. I see this as a potential PC replacement for those with few needs, so it would be interesting to test it as such, for example see if there’s a browser that works really well in desktop mode, test desktop style office software (such as SoftMaker Office HD Basic), import photos from a camera or phone and print them, that kind of thing.