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Gladiator Apocalypse Mid-Tower Gaming PC Review

When we heard the price of the Gladiator Apocalypse was just £750, we weren’t expecting to see hugely impressive gaming performance when it arrived in the Kitguru labs. As it turns out, the results are surprisingly good.

It’s all thanks to the GeForce GTX 970. It isn’t hard to see why this card is one of the best selling GPUs on the market. While the Core i5-6400 processor isn’t exactly a powerhouse – it cannot be overclocked, it doesn’t support hyper threading and it tops out at 3.2GHz, the GTX 970 has enough polygon-pushing performance to drive solid 1080p gaming in all our tests.

That’s not bad for the money. And it’s impressive that Gladiator has chosen an attractive case with a lighting kit, that doesn’t immediately look like it’s aimed at inexpensive PCs. There’s isn’t a massive amount of storage and the 8GB of memory isn’t much, but it’s just enough to get by. While 4GB of memory isn’t enough these days and 16GB is standard in high-end PCs, 8GB will run nearly all games without a problem. If I was buying the PC, I would ask Gladiator to upgrade the memory to 16GB, as the cost would be minimal and you get more peace of mind for futureproofing.

As with all PCs now, we can’t advocate an SSD enough, it makes such a difference to performance, so we’d suggest adding that as a custom option when purchasing. Swapping the 1TB hard disk for a 256GB SSD adds £36 to the price, while adding it as a second storage device with a 1TB hard disk as well, increases the price by £74. Worth it for the extra performance.

Otherwise, the Gladiator Apocalypse is fairly impressive in other respects. It’s noise levels in particular are as good as some of the more expensive PCs we’ve tested.

It certainly deserves a recommendation.

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  • Great gaming performance for the money.
  • Good looking lighting effects.
  • Great case for a mid-range PC.


  • Weak CPU performance
  • No SSD in default configuration

Kitguru Says: Solid frame rates at 1080p resolution is the best that be achieved in the mid-range price bracket, and the Gladiator Apocalypse delivers just that. A very good system, and worth recommending for anyone who’s on the fence about PC gaming, although we absolutely suggest customising it with an SSD upgrade for better all-round responsiveness.


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Rating: 8.0.

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