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Teemo’s Adventure is rumoured from League of Legends developer, Riot

Riot Games is better known for its super-massive hit League of Legends, but it seems that it has a team working on a brand new title. Teemo’s Adventure is the rumoured name of the title, and is expected to focus on the loveable (?) fur ball that is perhaps League’s most hated Champion.

The game’s title appeared on a list of GPC-approved games, suggesting that the game has been greenlit in China and isn’t far off from an official announcement. This was brought to the attention of Western audiences via Asian gamest market analyst and often reliable leaker, Daniel Ahmad.

Official lore for the character describes him to have a “genuinely warm personality,” but Teemo can switch off his “charming and kind” nature in favour of becoming “deadly serious and highly efficient the minute combat exercises” begin.

This earned him a sport in the Special Forces unit, the Scouts of the Mothership. Using his signature blowgun paired with a “rare ajunta poison,” Teemo often conducts solo missions of infiltration and scouting with remarkable finesse. This translates well to his in-game playstyle in which many tend to criticise the critter for not playing well with the team but excelling on his own. Of course, this is entirely dependent on the player and the team in question.

There is no information on what type of gameplay to expect or if the title will centre on Teemo’s backstory or personality, however it is likely that Teemo’s Adventure will be published to Tencent’s WeGame platform, as Tencent has been the parent company of Riot Games since 2015.

KitGuru Says: While I struggled to get into League of Legends in comparison to other MOBAs, I have always appreciated the diversity and design of its characters. It would love to see more lore-based games come out from the title, as very little is explored within League itself. What would you like to see from Teemo’s Adventure? Is there another League Champion you’d prefer it to be based on?

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