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Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be revealed this weekend, teaser released

We've known for a few years now that Respawn Entertainment is working on its own Star Wars game. Last year, in a rather unceremonious E3 reveal, we learned that the game would be called ‘Jedi: Fallen Order'. Tiny breadcrumbs of information have come out since then but we have yet to see the game in action. That will be changing this weekend, with the game finally set to be unveiled.

Star Wars Celebration is taking place from the 11th of April until the 16th. On Saturday the 13th, there will be a panel for Respawn's new Star Wars game. EA won't be holding a traditional E3 press conference this year, so this Star Wars Celebration panel could see more details revealed than initially thought. To hype up the unveiling, a new teaser image for the game has been released, showing a broken lightsaber sat over a stone-carved rune, hinting that we'll be diving into Jedi mythology a bit more.


Right now, Jedi: Fallen Order is due to come out in Q4 2019, so anywhere between October and the end of December. We know that Respawn is going for a dark tone with this game, and that it will focus on a lone padawan trying to survive in the galaxy following on from Order 66 and the Empire's takeover.

The game is set between Episode 3 and Episode 4, so while we'll be playing a Jedi, there won't be many allied lightsaber-wielders left. Chris Avellone, the writer behind Knights of the Old Republic II helped out on the story. Aside from that, we know very little about the game.

KitGuru Says: Fans have been clamouring for a story-focused Star Wars game and it looks like Respawn is set to deliver exactly that. We'll know more about this game before the end of the week. Are any of you looking forward to Jedi: Fallen Order?

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