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Razer Phone Revisited – Indepth Camera Analysis

Below we present a sample gallery of images taken with the Razer Phone. These are a combination of shots taken using both the primary and the secondary lens using the default camera app. They have not been cherry-picked at all, but are a wide selection of the results I have been getting from the camera. The purpose of this is to give you a feel for the sort of quality you can expect from the camera as a whole, without cherry-picking the best images.

16-shot sample gallery

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The purpose of this gallery is to show that the Razer Phone can produce some quality shots with sharp detail and good exposures. However, it is equally capable of producing over-exposed, blurry images which are no good to anyone.

To be absolutely clear, all the images above were taken using the default Razer Phone camera app, with no adjustment to exposure at all – I simply wanted the camera to do all the work for me. And as I say, the results are a mixed bag.

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