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MSI GT70 0NC 17.3″ Laptop Review (i7 3610QM / GTX 670M)

To test the battery today we put the machine through three sets of real world situations.

One as a media movie lover on the move, a person wanting to watch HD media on a train journey or bus with two thirds screen brightness (any less and quality suffers).

Secondly as a business man, using the machine for productivity with wireless enabled and balanced power settings with a mid way (around half) brightness setting.

Thirdly as a gamer on the move, with the nVidia graphics card active and screen brightness up high.

Battery life is a major strength for the GT70 0NC thanks to its 87Wh unit. We managed to achieve over 3 hours of ‘business-man’ style usage.

This figure will increase for simple web-browsing tasks. Being able to watch the entire 2 hour and 32 minutes BluRay of The Dark Knight with battery to spare is another impressive feat.

Gaming battery life is also commendable but there is no way that you will be playing any modern games using the battery. The system forces our GTX 670M to slash its clock speeds making modern games unplayable even at significantly reduced settings.

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