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MSI GT70 0NC 17.3″ Laptop Review (i7 3610QM / GTX 670M)

A multi-coloured, backlit keyboard is present on the GT70 0NC.

MSI’s KLM or Keyboard LED Manager is an interesting piece of software which allows you to control the colour, style and even movement of the keyboard’s LEDs. We can see this being a party-piece for users who can’t wait to show off their new laptop to friends and family.

5 LED indicators show the status of certain features of the system when it is in use. Bluetooth, WiFi, battery, sleep and HDD access statuses can be indicated by the LEDs.

Viewing the GT70 from the side re-iterates the point that this isn’t a slim system. Nevertheless, it isn’t too large to use when commuting on a train or plane.

The number of vents used on this machine’s underside is kept to a minimum in favour of side-mounted cooling vents. This ensures that hot air isn’t prevented from escaping when the laptop is positioned on a lap or soft surface such as a bed.

MSI attaches a ‘warranty void if removed’ sticker to the covering panel. This isn’t a good idea because it will deter the custom of a large proportion of enthusiast users who enjoy playing about with their system. MSI should have more faith in their customers. One would think that the people who buy a system such as this will know exactly what they are doing with its components. It also prevents users from fixing their own problems, should any arise.

Pushing up a pair of clips allows the battery to be removed. A large 7800mAh, 87Wh Lithium-ion model is used. The battery will be analysed later in this review.

A single large cooling fan is fed the i7 3610QM and GTX 670M’s heat via multiple copper heat-pipes before flushing it away via the side vents. The 2.5″ HDD bay is positioned in a convenient location which allows it to be easily accessed. 2 of the 4 RAM slots can be accessed allowing you to easily change the memory configuration of this system.

MSI has made the system easily-customisable, yet they snatch this worthwhile feature away from the end-user by attaching the needless warranty-voiding sticker. Surely MSI wants us to take care of our systems by cleaning the fan from time-to-time?

The pair of mSATA SanDisk U100 SSDs is located away from heat-producing components. This is a smart decision as it will extend their lifespan.

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