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ASUS ZenBook 3 (UX390UA) Ultrabook Review

Thermal dynamics

To find the ZenBook’s idle temperature, I left Windows on the desktop for 30 minutes. The ‘load’ temperature reading comes from running Prime95 and 3DMark Fire Strike simultaneously.

The temperatures are very healthy – a load temperature of just 76 degrees is very decent for a laptop of this size.


The ZenBook 3 is also nice and quiet. When idling it is truly silent, while it is still inaudible when doing light tasks such as web-browsing and watching films. The fans did spin up when I ran Prime 95 – but this is a synthetic test and I did not hear this level of noise during my real-world testing.

Power consumption

To get the ‘idle’ power draw for the ZenBook, I left Windows on the desktop for 30 minutes. The ‘load’ power draw reading comes from running Prime 95 and Fire Strike simultaneously.

Power consumption is also minimal – an idle draw of just 4W is incredible. A load figure of 28.6W is also well within the parameters of the 45W power brick.

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