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Gigabyte Aorus FI32Q X (1440p/240Hz) Review

There's a lot to like about the Gigabyte Aorus FI32Q X. We mentioned at the start of this review that it looks very strong on paper, and by and large those strengths do come through in the real world.

For starters, it might sound obvious but the 240Hz refresh rate (or 270Hz if you overclock), coupled with the 1440p resolution, makes for a very fluid but still sharp overall experience. That's complemented by the impressive response times of the panel, where I'd recommend using the Balance overdrive mode if you're pushing over 200FPS, but otherwise stick with the Picture Quality mode.

In general terms as well, I personally believe 240Hz 1440p displays are a great place to be if you're shopping for a new gaming monitor. 1440p is significantly easier to drive than 4K for instance, while the 240Hz refresh rate offers some ‘future proofing'. Most games won't be running at that sort of frame rate with today's GPUs, but there's plenty of headroom to hang onto this monitor through one or even two GPU upgrades.

General panel quality is very good too, no doubted aided by the use of Quantum Dot technology. We saw excellent gamut coverage, hitting 100% for both sRGB and AdobeRGB colour spaces, while the screen's average deltaE hit just 0.71 once calibrated. Contrast is a weakness however, as Gigabyte claims a 1000:1 ratio, but we didn't observe more than 610:1 with our SpyderX colorimeter.

We can't ignore pricing either, as you do end up paying a premium for the FI32Q X, given it currently retails for around £900 on Overclockers UK. Compared to other 1440p 240Hz displays, like the ASUS ROG Strix XG27AQM, it certainly seems pricey. Gigabyte is keen to point out the extra features on offer for that money, including KVM switch, DisplayHDR600 certification, and of course the fact that this is a 32in panel when most 1440p 240Hz screens are 27in.

Still, the fact remains that you are paying a pretty penny for this screen, and that price also puts the FI32Q X right in 4K/144Hz territory – so if you aren't absolutely set on 240Hz, you could get a number of capable displays offering a sharper resolution and a still-fast 144Hz refresh rate.

That said, if you do have your heart set on a 1440p 240Hz display, and as I said earlier, I do think it is a good place to be – then the Gigabyte Aorus FI32Q X has a lot going for it, with silky-smooth visuals and punchy colours. You do pay handsomely for the privilege, which will deter many, but there's no denying the quality on offer here.

You can buy the FI32Q X for £839.99 (currently discounted from £908.99) from Overclockers UK HERE.

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  • Punchy colours with Quantum Dot tech.
  • 240Hz refresh rate that can be overclocked to 270Hz.
  • Impressive response times mean minimal ghosting during gameplay.
  • Excellent colour accuracy, especially once calibrated.
  • Gigabyte includes a number of useful features, like desk mount and KVM switch.


  • Pricey.
  • Contrast isn't wonderful.
  • Missing true variable overdrive.

KitGuru says: Gaming at 1440p 240Hz is an excellent experience, and the FI32Q X backs that up with impressive response times. There's no denying it is very expensive, but this screen could see you through multiple PC upgrades.

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Rating: 8.0.

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