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TT eSports COMMANDER Gaming Gear Combo Review


As previously mentioned, no COMMANDER customisation software means there are no re-mappable buttons on the COMMANDER mouse. There are two side buttons, on the left edge, but these are just standard navigation buttons. The DPI adjustment lets you cycle between 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI on-the-fly, which is another standard feature with gaming mice.

The LED backlight is blue to match the keyboard, and there are lights on either side of the mouse, as well as one centrally positioned which illuminates the TT eSports logo. These are actually decent lights and the logo is evenly lit.

As it is an ambidextrous mouse, TT eSports are clearly trying to target as many people as possible with its COMMANDER combo deal. This may be an issue for some, as specifically shaped mice can be more comfortable in the hand. However, I am not especially fussy when it comes to the shape of my mice, and the COMMANDER mouse did not feel particularly uncomfortable to me.

It is a flat mouse, though, with not much of an arch to fit your palm. I found this pushed me towards using the claw grip, though I would usually favour a palm grip. While you can use both with the COMMANDER mouse, I found the claw grip to be more comfortable due to the flatter design of the mouse. What is also worth mentioning is the rubberised finish to the mouse – it allows you to keep a firm grip on the mouse itself, particularly useful if your hands are prone to getting a bit sweaty.

A DPI of up to 2400 could be problematic for some, however. Many users may be used to mice with DPI levels of up to 8000 – with some going even further. For me, 2400 DPI is my ideal setting so it did not pose me any problems, though I am sure many would like to go higher. For a budget mouse sensor, though, it is certainly passable.

However, problems again arise from the build quality. The COMMANDER mouse is simply too light and flimsy to be fully satisfying to use. Every movement is a reminder that this mouse is a cheap piece of kit. The scroll wheel was also unsatisfactory as it felt very tough and unresponsive, while also requiring a fair amount of force to press down.

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