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ASUS shows off the ROG Swift PG65- the first Big Format Gaming Display

Following on from Nvidia’s BFGD announcement earlier this morning, Asus has officially announced its ROG Swift PG65 Big Format Gaming Display. When Nvidia announced BFGD, we knew that Asus, Acer and HP would be among the first companies to bring out displays supporting this and now, we know what Asus’s ROG Swift version will look like, alongside its spec.

The Asus ROG Swift PG65 is a 65-inch 4K big format gaming display, featuring Nvidia G-Sync technology, a 120Hz refresh rate and a wide DCI-P3 color gamut. It comes with a direct-lit full array LED backlight with 1000-nit peak luminance to properly display high contrast and HDR images.

As you would expect from a gaming-oriented display, the ROG Swift PG65 comes with a low latency response time to eliminate input lag. The addition of G-Sync will remove screen tearing and the 120Hz refresh rate will result in an ultra-smooth PC gaming experience- assuming you have the graphics power required for 4K at 120Hz.

The DCI-P3 color gamut is 25 percent wider than sRGB, so you can expect better colors compared to a traditional 27-inch gaming monitor. Finally, the PG65 has a 178 degree wide-view panel, so viewing angles should be good if you are sat off center, or have this set up in a living room with multiple people watching.

We’ll get the chance to see the ROG Swift PG65 in action at CES this week. There is still no pricing or release date, but we’ll try our best to get some information out there.

KitGuru Says: I’ve always wanted a proper gaming TV and these Big Format Gaming Displays seem to be the solution to that. We still need some pricing information, but I imagine they’ll be over the £2000 mark, which will put them out of reach for many. What do you guys think of these new Big Format Gaming Displays?

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  • shadowhedgehogz

    If it’s 2 grand I’d want it to be great for films as well, saying that.. 65″ is huge so it’s obviously not meant to be viewed up close like at a desk, 30″ or so is already pushing that as almost being too big.

  • WhiteSkyMage

    My monitor is ultrawide 38″, and my friend uses 40″ 4k monitor for gaming…. so NO, 30″ is by no means too big for a desk. More space for desktop use and huge screen to stare at when gaming ! Id say if you go more than 40″, it becomes too big. Most ultrawide gaming monitors are 34″-35″, i got the biggest ultrawide there was on the market – 38″ Acer XR382CQK with freesync, and an RX Vega 64 to power it #PowerConsumptionBeDamned.

  • Rosalyn

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  • Steven Watson

    What panel tech does this use? Tempting tech, but I’d want it from another manufacturer. ROG monitors are too pricey for their Thermaltackyplacky looks.

  • Agreed, my dell 30″ is quite long in tooth, but i wouldnt go any smaller, once you get used to it its awesome. I want a large curved 4k display but wasnt fully convinced of the Acer or LG 38″ ultrawide as i like my vertical space as well. And the Philips and AOC 40″ curved is VA not IPS (and no xSync).

  • WhiteSkyMage

    Buy the Acer 38″, you won’t go wrong! I’ve used it for a month and gosh that is the BEST purchase ever, even though, holy crap, it was freaking $1400. NO BLEED, no flicker, gaming and productivity is awesome, it’s really, Id say, best match for ALL uses. A friend of mine has a 40″ 4K, but after experiencing the 21:9, i would NOT go back to 16:9, it’s just not worth it. From now on, Id be looking for even crazier ultrawides. Maybe Samsung with their 49″ 32:9 monitor, though it is a shame it’s just 3840×1080, i would love to have this at 5120×1440 (which is again a 108 PPI, id always take anything that’s around 110ppi, that’s really the magic number for monitors and PC gaming).