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Acer Predator XB270HU G-Sync Display Review

XB270 OSD main

Pressing any one of the five buttons on the underside of the Acer Predator XB270HU brings up a single menu with five options.

XB270 OSD emp

The first leads to “Empower” menu that provides access to the preset display modes.

XB270 OSD brightness

Next is a brightness control, which annoyingly only moves up and down very slowly, a test of anyone’s patience as it slowly ticks up, like adjusting the time on a 1980's digital alarm clock.

XB270 OSD overdrive

The Overdrive menu for reduced ghosting provides the usual normal, extreme, and off settings.

The fourth button controls Nvidia ULMB, while the fifth button leads to the main menu.

XB270 OSD Picture

The main screen lets you change the brightness and contrast, gamma setting and colour temperature.

XB270 OSD Setup

Move one screen down and you get a menu for adjusting the OSD position and timeout.

XB270 OSD Setting

Move down one more screen for additional display settings such as the Overdrive function and a factory reset.

XB270 OSD info

Move down one more screen and you can see some information about the current refresh rate, resolution and whether G-Sync is enabled.

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