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Acer Predator XB270HU G-Sync Display Review

There is a lot to like about the Acer Predator XB270HU. It works particularly well in 144Hz G-Sync mode, and is excellent for gaming with. The picture quality is superb as well. The high 377.9 cd/m2 brightness level of really stands out, while the notably good contrast around 750:1 really makes both games and graphics on the Windows desktop come alive. While it’s not the most colour-accurate display on the market, the Delta E scores below 2 are also excellent for a gaming display.

The only downsides to the picture quality are a notable dip in brightness on the top edge of the panel, and very light IPS bleed in the top right corner.

The stand offers the full range of movement, from rotation to swivel and pivot. There are lots of USB 3 ports, giving you the choice of connection on underneath or to the side of the screen.


However, there are a few omissions. Since this is a G-Sync 1.0 display, it only supports a single DisplayPort 1.2 input. Even with just an extra HDMI port, it would allow connection of a games console or second PC, but as it stands the XB270HU can only be used with a single computer at any one time.

It follows that there are no built-in speakers, or support for audio passthrough via a 3.5mm jack at the rear. This is possibly because HDMI is not present, but DisplayPort can also carry audio.

The design is reasonable, but nothing special. Glossy plastic has a rather cheap feel to it, compared with the more premium matte materials used on other screen.

It’s also a tad expensive. The Asus PG279Q for example offers the same 144Hz refresh rate, IPS panel and G-Sync support, but it also has built-in audio, a better menu system and a slightly lower price. There’s also a more expensive 165Hz version of that screen due for imminent release too.

That still leaves Acer’s effort as one of the best G-Sync displays around though. It’s hard to ignore the excellent picture quality, while the gaming performance is really superb.

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  • Extremely bright, colourful image quality.
  • Flexible stand.
  • 144Hz G-Sync and Nvidia ULMB.


  • No built-in speakers or audio passthrough
  • Only a single DisplayPort input

Kitguru Says: Excellent gaming performance and brilliant picture quality make the Acer XB270HU one of the better G-Sync panels around, although the design and lack of audio lets it down slightly.


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Rating: 8.5.

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