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BenQ GW2765HT 27-inch monitor

Rating: 8.0.

BenQ’s latest mid-range monitor is a 27-inch 1440p screen with an IPS flicker-free panel. It’s suitable for most general tasks, with excellent picture quality and a bright screen. It should be fine for working at the computer, watching movies and web browsing. And with a fast response time of 4ms, it’s great for gaming too. Along with a good feature set and excellent colour reproduction, the GW2765HT looks like a worthy investment, considering its relatively attractive price.


The GW2765HT is a 27-inch 16:9 IPS display that offers a large QHD (also referred to as WQHD) (2,560 x 1,440) resolution. Its feature set and specification make it a good all-rounder for general computing use, with a 4ms response time that’s fine for gaming, along with 350-nit brightness and 178-degree viewing angles, which should mean excellent picture quality on the Windows desktop.

It has a pair of built-in 1w speakers too, along with a stand that supports tilt and pivot modes, not to mention a decent range of inputs. The panel is also flicker-free, with a ‘Low Blue Light’ mode, which are both handy features if you suffer from eyestrain from continual computer use.

Great colour reproduction is something we’re now seeing on more affordable screens, whereas it used to be restricted to more high-end displays. But BenQ also quotes impressive colour accuracy figures, with 100 per cent sRGB coverage and 10-bit colour depth, great to see on a display that’s priced under £300.

A reasonable price with both good picture quality and the potential for superb all-round performance means the GW2765HT looks like a display that’s well suited for just about any situation.

BenQ GW2765HT features:

  • Great Color Monitor with IPS Technology Panel & 100% sRGB.
  • 27” Big Screen and 2560×1440 QHD(WQHD) High Resolution.
  • Flicker-free Backlight for Visual Pleasure.
  • Low Blue Light Mode.
  • Ergo Monitor – HAS.

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  1. I really need a monitor that’s easy on eyes. Mine are eye veins are exploding right now. Any suggestions?

  2. Some (wery few) say that eye strain is due to the modern LCD screen LED backlight.
    More often it seems to bee the case that one just needs frequent few minute walks around the office, or out of your home. The same eye strain can be achieved just by staring at the wall at an uncomfortable 50-70cm distance.
    Really, just walk it off – regulary. If you really think the eye strain is due to the LED emitted blue light spectrum, try using quality eye glasses with the said color spectrum filter.

  3. Well yes, a headache hit me shortly after I made that comment so I had to do 100 squats to make it go away. The side effect is that my eyes aren’t as sore as before either. At least for a while.

    Btw. the monitor I have at the office is 10 years old, so most likely not LED.

  4. Same here, i’ve got an Benq fullHD monitor from 2008 (i assume with the CCFL backlight), after 4 hours i get an eyestrain, so I do something else that is not PC related. But I have the freedom to do so, because of self-employment and few different tasks that I have to do that doesn’t center around the PC 100% of the time, not a solution for a programmer or an accountant…

  5. Getting a 27″ IPS panel with a 4ms response time for under £300 is pretty amazing, although as I suffer quite badly from gaming motion sickness, that 4ms might not be enough for me. My 2ms Iiyama ProLites made a big difference, but I really need to move up to something with an LED backlight; the light bleed is around the edges is terrible when watching movies!

  6. I have just looked at this and the Dell as I am not happy with the 4K offerings at the moment.

    Was thinking either would be a good stop gap until a Freesync, 144HZ, 28 inch, low response, IPS, 4K monitor is available.

    Not asking for much am I..

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  8. 60hz? bleh

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