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Zowie FK1 gaming mouse review

So how does the Zowie FK 1 stand at the end of it all? It is priced at the top of the mid-range for gaming mice and on the surface does not seem to have a lot of features. So is it worth it?

As with a lot of peripherals, it is really going to come down to what you want in a mouse. This is a rodent that is designed to be a worthy successor of the FK: a serious gamer’s mouse with none of the distracting bells and whistles of its contemporaries. No you do not have huge DPI options, complicated back end software and customisable lighting, nor do you have remappable side buttons or adjustable weights.

But that is not what this mouse is about.

This is a mouse for gaming and when that is what you are doing, it’s nearly unparalleled in its level of accuracy. It is smooth and right on the money every time you move it. If when it comes to your gaming, performance and accuracy are your most important features, then this could very well be the mouse for you.

It is also very comfortable, but potential owners should bear in mind that it is comfortable in the same way a firm mattress is: it is supportive, not cushioning. So do not expect a soft, spongy, rubber or silicon surface. This is a hard-skinned mouse with a slight texture to make sure that it remains grippy even when you are sweating up a storm.

That said, this mouse is not perfect. I think it is a shame that Zowie opted for an underside DPI switch, as I see little gained by putting it there rather than topside. It would have been nice to see some basic remapping options too, but I will side with Zowie on not needing all of the other extras it has left out. I am not sure anyone does much with adjustable weights really.

So all in all the FK1 is a fantastic gaming mouse, that is incredibly accurate under all circumstances. No it will not blow your socks off when it comes to its feature list and if I had my way, you would get a few little extras for your £50, but sometimes you need to pay for quality, even if it is only in a few key areas.
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The Zowie FK1 can be bought from Overclockers for £50.

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  • Avago 3310 sensor is supremely accurate and smooth.
  • Comfortable and grips well even with perspiration build up.
  • Glides around very nicely on a good cloth mat.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Simple set up, no drivers required.


  • Optical sensor is no good without a mat.
  • Would have liked to see a top side DPI selector and some remapping options.
  • Missing largely unnecessary, common mouse trappings like a high DPI, braided cable, adjustable weights etc.
  • Scroll wheel was noisy.

KitGuru Says: While many gamers might find the FK1 a little simple and streamlined for their tastes, those who take their gaming a bit more seriously will love the no-nonsense set up and lack of distracting features. It is a solid performer that would be hard to beat in a straight fight for gaming precision.




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Rating: 8.0.

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