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Homefront: The Revolution Director leaves Crytek

It looks like the situation over at Crytek isn’t getting any better as it has been reported that the Director for Homefront: The Revolution has left the company. This follows on from recent reports of unpaid wages, employees leaving and others just not showing up to work at all anymore.

The Director, Hasit Zala, was also the franchise director for the recently released free to play game, Warface. In addition to Zala’s departure, Development Manager, Ben Harris and Studio Head, Karl Hilton, have also left the studio. However, Hilton has indicated that he still wants to work with the company in some capacity in the future.


Speaking to Kotaku, a source close to the studio claimed that there is currently no upper management left: “It creates a weird scenario as there are now no upper management. Everything is just continuing on a downwards spiral.” 

Some of the employees still at the studio have openly admitted to hoping that the company is acquired by Deep Silver, the publisher behind the Homefront sequel. Crytek UK employees haven’t been paid properly for almost four months now if previous reports are to be believed.

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KitGuru Says: These financial problems must have been building up for a long time, a company doesn’t suddenly just find itself without money overnight. Could a Deep Silver buyout solve the company’s problems? It would make sense considering how much the publisher has invested into the Homefront sequel at this point. 


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