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Homefront: The Revolution delayed until 2016

Homefront: The Revolution has faced a string of development issues following its announcement. The game was initially being made by Crytek, who were at risk of going bankrupt, causing staff to go months without being paid, as you can imagine, many of them eventually stopped working entirely. Eventually, the Homefront …

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Crytek wants to fix its damaged reputation

Crytek hasn't been in good shape recently, it lost a fair amount of staff members and had to sell off the Homefront IP in addition to its UK studio development staff to Publisher, Deep Silver. However, the company is now looking to move forward and fix its damaged reputation according …

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Crytek still owns the Timesplitters IP

While it's not clear whether or not the Crytek UK studio is still open, we do know that the team that had previously developed Timesplitters and is currently working on Homefront: The Revolution now works for Dambuster Studios. However, it seems that the ex Crytek UK team isn't going to …

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Homefront: The Revolution Director leaves Crytek

It looks like the situation over at Crytek isn't getting any better as it has been reported that the Director for Homefront: The Revolution has left the company. This follows on from recent reports of unpaid wages, employees leaving and others just not showing up to work at all anymore. …

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